Electric Instant water heater 3 ltr.

  • Price
  • Watt.
  • Warranty
  • Rs. 5000
  • 3000 w
  • 5 year warranty on Tank

Product type: Storage

Color: White


Country of Origin: Made in India

Pressure Bar: 6.5

  • Product: ORTEM's instant water heater with fast heating function
  • 4 Level Safety: Capillary Thermostat, automatic thermal cut-off, pressure safety valve and a fusible plug to ensure complete safety.
  • Anti-Rust: Rust free tank design that enhances resistance to corrosion and ensures long life
  • Quality Components: ISI marked copper elements with stand high tecmperatures and are long lasting in case of hard water
  • Package Contents: 1 Unit of ORTEM Instant Water Heater, Instructions Manual and Warranty Card
  • Warranty: 7 year warranty on Tank, 2 year warranty on Element and 2 year warranty on Product provided by ORTEM from date of purchase.
  • Installation not provided by brand.

3 ltr.

3000 Watts