Metro Ortem Ltd. manufactures a wide collection of ceiling fans for home and offices. The range that consists of both big and small sized fans are manufactured for all room types, including , bathrooms and even gardens and entranceways. The continuous demand for better and improved ceiling fans has led to the innovation in the design, technology and production and the ability to meet that demand has diversified the market in the recent few years. Demand for stylish looking fans has increased by many times. Ever since Metro Ortem started manufacturing fans it has continued to maintain international quality standards in its production unit and today is amongst the leading bulk exporters of ceiling fans to many countries outside India. The variety and quality of fans at Metro Ortem is very long hence it is very easy for our clients in houses and offices to get the right choice for their space. You can get your choice of colours too in all sizes from large fans to small fans.

The Company follows industry best practices in each of its manufacturing, packaging and delivering processes. The factors that make ceilings still popular among masses is its value for money and above all it saves electricity consumption too. There is no big maintenance issues to handle as compared to air conditioner. Hence ceilings fans are believed to be the best fan option for home and offices.

Over the years Metro has grown at an exponential pace and its technical collaboration with Germany's Continental AG, has put it on a global map, reinforcing its reputation as a manufacturer of products that offer unprecedented performance.